Tis the season and that means it’s time for holiday lighting! Whether you like to decorate for Halloween, Thanksgiving, or Christmas (or all holidays!) there is always décor to liven your home.  Some of our most cherished moments come from hanging lights during the holidays.  Here are 5 tips to consider when hanging your holiday lights.

  1. Access Power Safely – One thing to always remember is the safest power source is the outlet next to your light display. If you need to use an extension cord be sure it’s made for outdoor use. You might even want to consider an outdoor power stake that can bring power right where you need your lighting to start.
  2. Avoid HeatTry to avoid hanging lights around your electronics. Items such as televisions and home theaters can cause enough heat to damage the cords from your holiday lights.  You also want to keep indoor lights from touching curtains and furniture.
  3. Use Heavy Duty Extension Cords – Heavy duty extension cords are usually thick and made for outdoor use. A safe tip is to make sure you do not plug more than 3 sets of lights per cord. You also want to make sure your extension cords are neatly tucked away so they do not become tripping hazards.
  4. Don’t Overload a Circuit – If you plan on using a Clark Griswold amount of lights make sure to spread the light strands across multiple circuits to avoid overload. For outdoor lights and inflatable decorations you want to plug into ground-fault circuit interrupters when possible. You will know if your outlet is a GFCI if it has a “test” and “reset” button on the front.
  5. Inspect Lights – Double check your lights for frayed wires or cracks and replace the damaged strands. If you have damaged bulbs replace those as well.  Hanging lights that are not lit look bad and waste energy.

D&H Electric would be more than happy to inspect and or install any outlets you may want before the holiday season.  Give us a call at 928-726-5671.