6 Simple Tips to Help Save Energy During the Thanksgiving Season

The holiday season can be filled with love and laughter when it comes to family gatherings.  Thanksgiving spares little to no expense when it comes to the holiday menu.  Hosting such a feast can be expensive so it is important to save money where you can.  Here are 6 simple tips to help save energy during the Thanksgiving season.

Lower The Thermostat – Using the oven during meal preparation will produce heat and keep the house warm, which allows you to lower the thermostat a few degrees. The extra bodies in your home will also produce enough heat for your guests to feel comfortable with the lowered temperature.

Simultaneous Cooking – Try as best you can to cook side dishes with the turkey.  Cooking dishes together will reduce the amount of time the oven is running.  If you need to cook specific dishes separately, try to cook continuously to avoid having to pre-heat your oven more than once.

Limit Food Checks – Opening the oven to check on the food allows for heat to escape.  The more you open the oven the longer it will take for your food to cook.  Try to use the oven light when checking on your food’s progress.

Use Your MicrowaveMicrowave ovens consume less than half the energy of conventional ovens, and they cook for a much shorter period of time.  Another alternative to your oven is using a slow cooker which also saves on energy.

Use The Dishwasher – The dishwasher will save on energy and water.  Try to load the dish washer as much as possible in order to conserve energy.  You can also save on water by scraping food off the plates instead of pre-rinsing.

Allow Foods To Cool – By letting the leftovers cool before refrigerating decreases the demand on your refrigerator.  The cooling period should not hurt the taste of the food when you go looking for leftovers!

D & H Electric wishes you and your family a happy Thanksgiving.  If you need an electrical inspection before you embark on your cooking journey give us a call at 928-726-5671.