Yuma’s Best Electrical (D&H Electric) wants to stop an issue before it leads to this!

Electrical issues are something you should not overlook in your Yuma home or business. Regular inspections and repairs by a good electrician will help prevent dangerous situations.  Not all electrical needs are dire, but using caution when you do not know the problem is a better option than risking major damage or a potential fire.  Here are 5 electrical safety warnings you should never ignore. 

  1. Circuit Breaker Issues – The circuit breakers in your electrical panel are designed to protect your home from potential power surges.  If one or more of the circuit panel won’t reset or keeps tripping, then it’s an indication something is not right.  To test this you can plug an appliance in a different circuit and if it keeps tripping you should call an electrician for an inspection.      
  2.  Flickering LightsFixing a flickering light can be as simple as having a loose or malfunctioning light bulb.  If your lights are flickering it usually means there is a short circuit in the system.  If you notice lights flickering throughout the house you may have short circuits in walls which can cause fires so do not waste time in calling an electrician.   
  3. Electrical Shock – These shocks usually come as a jolting unpleasant surprise when you plug a wire into a socket or touching appliances.  If you feel a shock every time you do so, the appliance may have a ground fault or improper electrical wiring.  If left unchecked this serious electrical condition could cause major damage. 
  4. Burning Odor, Sparks – The scent of a burning odor can easily be identified and if so you should turn off the electrical panel’s power.  The burning is a good indication your wiring is damaged or you may have a loose connection.  Sparks, if occurring frequently may also indicate a problem with the circuit or outlet.  Both situations warrant an immediate call to an electrician.   
  5. Defective Electrical Outlets – Many fires are caused by faulty electrical outlets.  Common faults may be due to loosened wiring or internally cracked device.  Any loose plug in your receptacles may pose a serious problem to everyone in your home.  Having an electrician inspect your home will insure repairs will be done if needed.   

If you are having any electrical issues with your home or business give D&H Electric a call at 928-726-5671. Thanks, Yuma!