Childproofing one’s home from potential electrical hazards can be time-consuming but is essential in protecting your children from harm.  According to the National Protection Fire Association, approximately 2,400 children suffer from severe shock and burns caused by various objects being poked into electrical outlets every year. Here are 5 effective ways to help keep young children safe:

  1. Outlet caps – All homes with small children should have this simple means of protecting their children.  Any outlet within reach of young ones should have a cap which will block tiny fingers and foreign objects from entering an outlet.  However, these can prove to be annoying when needing to use the outlet and children may be capable of removing the caps.  Therefore, the next three suggestions will b more effective in preventing electrical hazards.
  2. Electrical outlet covers – Simply replace your current outlet covers with safe plates.  These baby proof outlet covers allow you to plug in your appliances by sliding the faceplate until it lines up with the outlet.  This allows easy access to the outlet while protecting children.
  3. Tamper Resistant Receptacles- This spring-loaded receptacle plate closes off the slots and prevents any foreign objects from entering the outlet. This is the safest way to keep children safe and the expert staff at D & H Electric would be happy to change out your old outlets and replace with a receptacle plate.
  4. GFCI Outlets- These outlets will shut off the electrical circuit if it detects an imbalance.  If a child were to stick something in a socket, the GFCI Outlet would cut power thus protecting the child from further harm. Once installed, these outlets can easily be detected is this the right word you are looking for? with the test and reset buttons.
  5. Wire an outlet to a switch – By wiring your outlet to a switch, you can control the flow of electricity to an outlet. By keeping the switch in the off position when not in use, you can reduce the risk of electric shock.


Your child’s safety is of the utmost concern. Above are four simple ways to minimize your child’s risk of electric shock. If you have any questions or would like help childproofing your electrical system, give D&H Electric a call at (928) 726-5671. For more on childproof receptacles, check out this infographic below:

Tamper Resistant Receptacles – Childproofing Done Right