Have an old electrical outlet? Not sure if you should replace it? Here are D&H Electric’s 5 signs you should replace your electrical outlet.

  1. Outlets are getting hot, sparking, or are making a sizzling or popping sound: you shouldn’t need this list to tell you that you have a problem! This is a fire hazard that needs to be taken care of If you have an outlet with this issue remember you can call D&H Electric 24/7 at 928-726-5671.
  2. Your outlet is discolored or looks burnt: just like if the outlet was getting hot or sparking, this is a sign that there is a problem with your wiring. This is also a fire issue and you need to call an electrician (us) immediately!
  3. Plugs fall out of the outlet: a loose outlet is caused by worn contacts. These outlets need to be replaced because loose sockets can cause electrical arcing putting you at risk for fire.
  4. You have two pronged outlets: unless you live in an old house, you probably won’t see these outlets. However, not only are these outlets a pain because you can’t use them with three pronged plugs, they are also dangerous. That means that the outlet itself isn’t grounded, and it should be replaced because it’s a fire risk.
  5. Cracked outlet covers, or outlets with large gaps caused by undersized wall plates: those gaps allow dust to settle into the outlet, which will increase the risk of fire. It’s best that you replace the outlet all together, not just the faceplate.

If you notice any of those 5 signs, make sure to call an electrician immediately. Call D&H Electric at 928-726-5671. Thanks, Yuma!