This Tuesday (March 27, 2018) D&H Electric did some electrical work at the Yuma Main Street Water Treatment Facility. This treatment plant can produce up to 40 million gallons of water daily and has been providing the Yuma area with drinking water since 1892! Here we are installing an 800 Amp Cell. Check out this great pic:

When D&H Electric does important projects such as this, we also provide education and training to our customers. Here we are training City of Yuma Employees on proper procedures related to the installed cells. It’s important that the cell is closed and opened properly and that proper procedures are followed.

When we say that we serve Yuma, we really mean it! When you turn on your faucet, the water you drink has been treated by the City of Yuma powered by D&H Electric’s work! Not only are we keeping the lights on, we are keeping the water running too!

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