Meet Mike Powers. He’s the Energy Efficiency Specialist at D&H Electric. He’s had a lot of different jobs in the past: he’s been a teacher, a retail manager, a personal trainer, and a consultant. However, he loves his current role at D&H Electric because he is “constantly learning” and “gets to have fun, wow clients, and work with the best!” In his spare time, he loves to play rugby and his hidden talent is that he can draw and paint.

We sat down and asked Mike a few questions about his work:

What does a typical day look like for you at D&H Electric?  It’s different every day and that’s the beauty of working at D&H.  I never know what my day will look like.  It can change from hour to hour.  I spend my day meeting clients, visiting job sites, counting the lights, and delivering proposals.  I carve out a little part of my day learning about new products, technology, a client, or how I can leverage new technologies to make our company better.

How do you define success? For me, success is defined by delivering what I promised to my clients, my fellow team and to my company.  My personal philosophy is to learn and utilize what I learn to help others.

What has surprised you the most about working at D&H Electric?  I never realized how important light was.  Light used to be something I never gave much thought about until bulbs went out or I lost lights due to power failure.  I have a very different appreciation for lights.  Lights are not created equal.

If you could give any business owner advice about their electrical set up what would it be?  I would refer them to our professional staff to see how we can make their facility become more efficient.  I can help them with their lighting needs while saving them money.  Electric bills are one of the larger expenses and converting to LED will help any business save energy, reducing expenditure!

If you could give any homeowner advice about their electrical set up what would it be?  The best advice is to consult with a professional like our amazing electricians!