A power surge refers to an increase in voltage that substantially exceeds the standard designated flow of electricity (120 volts). When this happens too much current is forced through your electrical system and can do heavy damage to electronics and even cause fires. Here are some ways power surges can effect your homes and businesses:

Internal Power Surges:

Internal power surges are the most common type and may occur numerous times a day.  These power surges usually occur when devices with motors start up or shut off like with your refrigerator and air conditioner.  Other appliances like dryers, garage doors, and even power tools can cause surges.  These high powered appliances can cause for a demand for electricity and disrupt the constant flow of voltage in the electrical system. If your appliances keep tripping your breaker this could be a sign you have faulty wiring and you should call an electrician before something more severe happens.

External Power Surges:

An external power surge is most likely caused by tree limbs touching power lines, lightning striking utility equipment, or when power turns on after a power outage.  When your power comes back on, the lines receive a surge of current and this could fry a television or computer monitor without proper protection.  You can protect damage to your electronic equipment by switching off lights, appliances, and computers until the power comes back on.

Why Worry About Power Surges?

Your home and or business can be susceptible to power surges.  Any device with a microprocessor can function improperly if an influx in current happens.  Microprocessors can be found in numerous appliances such as refrigerators, televisions, computers, microwaves, and washing machines. Simple surge protectors with a breaker to trip are fine for standard electrical outlets and can protect your appliances and electronics.

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