Clearly this electrical work was not performed by professionals!

When it comes to electrical inspections it is always a good idea to have your home checked by professionals periodically.  During an electrical inspection, your home’s wiring will be looked at as well as the electrical box. These inspections by contracted electricians will make sure the electrical connections in your home comply with state law as well as electiccal codes. Here are 3 instances when you should have a professional conduct an electrical inspection.

  1. Before buying a new home – a new home inspection is important before closing in case there might be hidden issues with your home. If there have been changes to the original wiring of the home it is important to ensure that they were done correctly.  For older homes, it is also important to make sure the older wiring meets the demands of modern living and its electrical load.
  2. Before major renovations – when upgrading your home with any renovation, an inspection will uncover if your current electrical system can support your plans. When adding outlets to any new project an inspection ensures that you are within any building codes which will keep you and your family safe.
  3. For Insurance purposes – Your insurance might ask for a home electrical inspection. The more current your inspection the better an insurer can assess the risks of your home and possibly help you save on premiums.

Reasons for yearly electrical inspections:

  1. Fire Safety – over 50,000 electrical fires happen annually in the US. Many of these are done to improper electrical wiring.
  2. Safety of the occupants – the physical safety of individuals can be at risk with outlet overloading, potential electrical shock, and outdated wiring.
  3. Adherence to Government Electrical Standards – electric standards change every few years which means certain fixtures in your home could be out of compliance.
  4. Avoiding damage to electrical appliances – electricity may damage appliances due to power sources being outdated.

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