Companies updating lighting technology benefit through cost savings and rebates

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Local businesses in Yuma are saving money by retrofitting the light fixtures in their offices, warehouses and retail stores. “Retrofitting” means adding a new technology or feature to an existing system. Updating fluorescent ballasts and bulbs, for example, can increase the efficiency of existing fluorescent lights and result in both cost savings and energy bill rebates.

“Most businesses are outfitted with T12 fluorescent technology invented over 70 years ago,” explains D&H Electric owner Fred Dammeyer. “Newer lighting technologies include T8 and T5 systems and both provide brighter, whiter and more efficient lighting.”

According to the U.S. Department of Energy, energy efficiency is a low cost way to save money. Retrofitting old lighting technology can quickly save local commercial and industrial businesses 20% or more on their electric bills. In addition, APS offers custom rebates for retrofitting up to 75% of incremental costs.

Retrofitting is making a big difference at the new Napa Auto store on 4th Avenue located in the former Goodwill building.

“The lighting is brighter which is good for customers looking at our merchandise,” said Daniel Ramirez, manager at the store. “And it is good for us working here. Easier on the eyes.”

Ramirez said that the entire retrofitting process took a little over a week to replace 338 fixtures throughout their 2200 square foot space.

“I’d recommend retrofitting to any business owner looking to save money,” said Ramirez.

Dammeyer points out that as of July 2012, the U.S. banned manufacture or import of most T12 lamps. T12 ballasts and lamps are obsolete so without retrofitting, local businesses are seeing a dramatic cost increase of T12 lamps and ballasts.

“The good news about retrofitting is that if you already have the lighting fixtures and positioning you like, you can replace old technologies with newer ones for less money than undertaking a full replacement,” said Dammeyer, adding, “I encourage local business owners to get in touch for information about cost savings and rebates for retrofitting.”

Business owners can also gain substantial long-term savings retrofitting MetalHalide (MH) or High Pressure Sodium (HPS) lighting with LED technology althoughthe initial investment is higher. Other small businesses in Yuma that recentlyretrofitted their lighting include Chile Pepper, Saguaro Mobile Home Estates and Warnock Trucking.